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Jeroen Sportel

A talented Dutch chef who gets inspired by Asian flavours

Chef Jeroen Sportel’s passion for cooking starts at a part-time job in a steakhouse. Sportel hopes to become a chef and starts gaining experience in some of Groningen's best restaurants. Then, after obtaining a culinary degree, he goes to work at restaurant de Vlindertuin in Zuidlaren, under the lead of chef Jilt Cazemier. Here, he learns to handle fresh foods, spend time with nature and cook from the heart. He is provided with free reign and the room to grow at De Vlindertuin by chef Jilt. Expanding his culinary resume, Jeroen is hired as head chef at restaurant De Loohoeve in Schoonloo, where he stays for five years. He contributes to De Loohoeve's development from a “schnitzel restaurant” to a renowned culinary establishment. Sportel's travels through Asia are a major source of inspiration for his cooking. Jeroen now utilizes all his experience at his own restaurant, Vive la Vie.

In the future, a different diet will have to be established to prevent the earth and its resources from becoming exhausted.

Jeroen Sportel

Vive la Vie

Groningen, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Vive la Vie is located only a few steps from the Martini Tower in Groningen. The restaurant has been completely renovated by the owner and chef Jeroen Sportel, giving it a cozy atmosphere in the busy city center.

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