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Chiel de Groot

Chef Chiel de Groot was still young when he discovered his passion for cooking. It didn’t take long before this became his outlet for his creativity. His education to become a specialized chef only fueled his drive and very quickly, at the age of 25, he could officially call himself a chef. As a result of his drive and his passion, he decided to establish the Amused restaurant in 2017 and fine-tune his cooking style. Chiel’s goal is to always create the perfect atmosphere and culinary experience for his guests.


Hardenberg, Netherlands
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Amused is located alongside the harbour in Hardenberg. With intense and fresh flavours, chef Chiel de Groot presents his creative dishes in a modern and innovative way. Fresh local vegetables are an important element on the menu of Amused – they’re even cultivated in the restaurant’s own vegetable garden and play the starring role in the kitchen. Diners can choose from a 4-, 5-, 6- or 7-course menu, with the best matchings of excellent wines from all around the world, carefully selected by the restaurant’s sommelier.

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