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Hans Kinkartz

An ambitious Dutch top chef who is passionate about contemporary French cuisine

Chef Hans Kinkartz, the son of a milkman, earns his first pocket money at the local bakery. He decides to enroll in hospitality school. During his studies, he discovers that he desires to be a chef rather than a baker. Interning at a hotel in Switzerland, Hans learns that to become a great chef, you have to work hard and you've got to put in the hours. After his studies, he is hired as a sous-chef at Auberge De Rousch. It's a crucial step accompanied by organization and stress-resistance. After this, Hans joins Castle Vaeshartelt where he learns about banqueting. A position as chef becomes available at the Hotel Bellevue, and he grasps the chance with both hands. His culinary journey brings chef Hans in contact with his current partner, Ellen Kinkartz. Dreaming of opening their own restaurant, they both have the same goal in mind. Hans mentions his dream to the owner during a dinner at Atelier, which ends up being just the right comment at the right time and place. With the right gastronomic vision, the new version of restaurant Atelier opens its doors on 1 January 1999. The successful cuisine is demonstrated by the recognition they receive in numerous culinary guides.

More is less’ and ‘What you see is what you get’ are two mottos that fit me perfectly.

Hans Kinkartz


Gulpen, Netherlands
MdH Membre d'Honneur

Restaurant Atelier is housed inside a former tailor's studio. In this historic building, you will find a modern dining spot with a stylish industrial interior. Combined with natural materials and linen on the table the atmosphere turns into casual chic. Dress codes from casual jeans to a classy tuxedo – everyone is welcome here.

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