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Rick Blanken

Chef Rick Blanken already knew from a young age that he is creative when it comes to food, and he decides to follow the chef’s training in Almelo. As an apprentice, he first ends up at Restaurant De Broeierd with SVH master chef Jelle van Wagenaar. Here, Van Wagenaar teaches him to make dishes à la minute as well as applying various cooking techniques on the spot. Next, Rick joins the kitchen of restaurant De Stenen Tafel with star chef Raymond Prinsen. In addition to the classic culinary basics, he learns to distinguish each ingredient honestly and purely. After a longer educational period, Rick becomes chef de partie at Restaurant 't Nonnetje. He soon rises to the position of sous chef. After this, he returns to Jelle Wagenaar and Raymond Prinsen and eventually gets the position of kitchen chef. On April 1, 2017 his long cherished dream comes true and he becomes chef and co-owner of restaurant Ledeboer.


Almelo, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Since day one, chef de cuisine Rick Blanken has been conjuring up delicious dishes, together with his skilled kitchen team.

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