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Jeroen Raes

Restaurant Rozemarijn is managed by chef and glasses-fanatic Jeroen Raes and hostess Maaike Steins. Being a true Zeeuw, Jeroen has brought a bit of Zeeland to the heart of Maastricht with his creative cooking. Jeroen uses a free cooking style, influenced by the seasons. At Rozemarijn restaurant, you won't find strawberries on the menu during wintertime. In the spring and summer, his cooking style is more frivolous, and in the autumn more wild-oriented, due to the game season. Jeroen's love for his profession drives him to always come up with unique, refreshing flavour combinations that hint at different cultures. Passionately and relentlessly, the kitchen of Restaurant Rozemarijn constantly strives to surprise its guests.


Maastricht, Netherlands
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Chef Jeroen Raes offers a touch of Zeeland charm to the heart of Maastricht with restaurant Rozemarijn. In his kitchen, he draws inspiration from Flemish, Italian, Spanish, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Combining this with his Dutch Zeeland roots creates mouth-watering inventive dishes. Nicknamed “the chef with the glasses” because of his distinctive and stylish glasses, Jeroen will surely surprise you with the salty taste of the sea. Together with his partner Maaike, he stands for hospitality, honesty, and attention to detail, in a relaxed restaurant where everyone is welcome.

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