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Erica Karelse

A talented hostess with a passion for hospitality

Restaurant Villa La Ruche is the place where Erica’s partner, chef Marko Karelse, started as an apprentice at the young age of 19. After Marko went through enormous development as a cook, he became the owner of Villa La Ruche in 2009. On the day of the opening, he unexpectedly asked his partner Erica – who had no previous education in the hospitality industry – if she wanted to fill in. This was a match made in heaven, as since then she has never left Villa La Ruche as a hostess.

The atmosphere in our restaurant should feel like a warm blanket to our guests. In other words: we want to give our guests the feeling of coming home.

Erica Karelse

Villa La Ruche

Voorburg, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Villa La Ruche in Voorburg is situated in the triangle between Leidschendam, Rijswijk, and The Hague. As soon as you enter the door you will know this restaurant is the ultimate place for culinary enjoyment.

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