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Mark van den Berg

With extensive work experience in international hotels such as Hilton in Toronto, Antwerp and Rotterdam, Mark van den Berg is a skilled host and sommelier. He studied at the Hotel Management School in Maastricht. After his studies, he worked at various hospitality businesses in the Dordrecht area. In 2014 and 2015 he worked as assistant manager at restaurant Tijsterman, after which he joined Arjan at De Ertepeller. Mark puts a lot of effort into the wine list, which is sourced from specialized suppliers and includes some of the true gems of the wine world.

De Ertepeller

Papendrecht, Netherlands
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Located in the town of Papendrecht lies restaurant De Ertepeller: an innovative, stylish, and accessible restaurant. This contemporary fine-dining spot gives guests a spectacular view over the breathtaking "Three-river-point" where the three rivers Beneden Merwede, the Noord, and the Oude Maas come together. Here, chef Arjan Kuipers and host Mark van den Berg pamper their guests with the most beautiful wine-food pairings. The focus is on good food, good wine, and hospitality. The team at restaurant De Ertepeller combines all their experience, talent, and dreams into one. They aim to make Papendrecht the gastronomic heart of the Drechtsteden region, and are very well on their way to reach this goal.

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