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Naomi Habets

Naomi Habets: elevating culinary experiences with exquisite wines at Rura

In the world of culinary artistry, the perfect wine pairing can transform an exceptional meal into an extraordinary experience. At Rura in Roermond, hostess-sommelier Naomi Habets takes centre stage, orchestrating a remarkable journey of wines that beautifully enhance Joey's diverse and delectable dishes.


Roermond, Netherlands
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Explore Restaurant Rura in Roermond: A Culinary Journey with a Historical Twist. Tucked away in the heart of Roermond, between the charming Roerkade and bustling Markt, is Restaurant Rura. This culinary treasure, housed within a 17th-century building, pays homage to the city's rich history and the Celtic/Germanic water goddess Rura.

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Wine selection at Rura

Naomi's approach to the restaurant's wine selection is nothing short of extraordinary. She meticulously curates an extensive array of wines from around the world, thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with Joey's culinary creations. Her dedication to this craft shines through as she expertly matches each wine to the dishes on the menu. While classic wines have their place, what truly sets her apart is the inclusion of hidden gems, such as those from Georgian and Bosnian vineyards. "I love a good challenge and trying new things", Naomi says. "I really enjoy taking our guests on an exciting wine journey, introducing them to interesting tastes and regions. When we share information about a less well-known wine, our guests often get curious and are excited to join in on the adventure."

Wine pairing

One of the standout features at Restaurant Rura is the diverse selection of wine pairings available. For those eager to explore the world of wines, the restaurant offers carefully curated wine flights, each featuring a different wine from a distinct country. You can traverse the vineyards of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Georgia, France, and even savour the excellent regional treasures of Limburg.