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Kars van Wechem

A top chef with a talent for Dutch haute cuisine

Chef Kars van Wechem’s culinary career starts with a part-time job as a dishwasher at a roadside restaurant. He's promoted to kitchen assistant within two weeks and starts baking pancakes and fried eggs. He enrolls in culinary school and interns at restaurant De Swaen in Oisterwijk. Chefs Nestor Cas Spijkers and Nico Boreas teach him what it means to endure and survive in the kitchen.  Kars always aims for the highest standard, especially in his education. As a result, he gets invited to cook in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. When he returns to the Netherlands, he joins restaurant De Librije and switches from a militaristic environment to a more casual one. Here, chef Jonnie Boer's cooking style is innovative, playful, and extremely pure. Kars Van Wechem's love for local Dutch products is born here. He and his partner, sommelier Monique Korteschiel, who also works at De Librije, finally decide to go their own way. In 2007, the couple opens restaurant De Saffraan in the heart of Amersfoort.

My cooking style is trendy, with lots of oriental influences, fresh acids, and spices.

Kars van Wechem

Chef - Owner

De Saffraan

Amersfoort, Netherlands
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If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind dining establishment, you have come to the right place. De Saffraan Restaurant is located in the "Hope for Prosperity": a 100-year-old clipper ship that has been completely refurbished into a restaurant.

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