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Lino de Vrede

In the world of gastronomy, sommeliers hold a crucial role in enhancing the dining experience, skilfully pairing fine wines to complement exquisite cuisine. Among these outstanding sommeliers is Lino de Vrede, whose exploration of the world of fine wines started as a young intern at Tout à Fait in 2015.

Au Coin des Bons Enfants

Maastricht, Netherlands
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Looking for a fine dining experience in Maastricht's historic Jekerkwartier? Au Coin des Bons Enfants is the perfect destination for culinary enthusiasts seeking a blend of classic and Mediterranean influences. Chef Timo Reichelt's creative twist on dishes and top-quality ingredients make every visit an unforgettable experience. Book your table now and indulge in the finest cuisine in town.

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A serendipitous encounter

Lino de Vrede's path to becoming a sommelier was serendipitous, beginning as an aspiring young intern at the prestigious restaurant Tout à Fait. This experience ignited a passion for fine dining and set him on a remarkable adventure of discovery.

Falling in Love with Fine Dining

Collaborating with the culinary virtuoso Timo Reichelt, Lino was entranced by the world of fine dining. This ignited an unshakable fascination with gastronomy and the art of pairing exceptional wines with exquisite cuisine, propelling him on a path to become a professional sommelier.

A journey through Amsterdam and back

After exploring culinary opportunities in Amsterdam, Lino's passion for fine wines brought him back to where it all began: Tout à Fait. It was here that he would once again cross paths with chef Timo Reichelt, furthering his knowledge and expertise in the world of wines.

A passion for wines unveiled

As a sommelier, Lino delved deep into the world of wines, exploring their histories, characteristics, and origins. His fascination led him to the enigmatic world of Burgundy wines, captivating him with their allure and inspiring him to share their magnificence with others.

The magic of Bourgogne

Lino aptly describes the allure of Burgundy wines, saying: "We have all kinds of wines from around the world, but there's something truly enchanting about the wines from Burgundy." The complexity and nuanced flavours of Bourgogne wines perfectly complement the creations of the chef. That turns a lunch or dinner into an unforgettable dining experience.

A symphony of flavours

With a refined palate and deep knowledge of wines, Lino de Vrede expertly curates a symphony of flavours through wine pairings. Each selection harmonizes with every dish that leaves the ‘pass’ in the kitchen, creating an unforgettable ensemble of taste and aroma.

Join Lino de Vrede on a wine journey!

For a gastronomic adventure beyond the ordinary, trust Lino de Vrede to be your guide. His expertise and passion for fine wines will lead you on an unforgettable experience at Au Coin des Bons Enfants, where each sip reveals new flavours, and each dish reaches new heights of perfection.