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Joey Remie

Chef Joey Remie: A Culinary Master with a Passion for Excellence

Explore the incredible journey of chef Joey Remie, a cooking expert whose drive for food began at a young age. Instead of pursuing traditional education, Joey followed his heart and chose to work hands-on, eventually earning the highest specialized cooking diploma. Along his career path, he refined his skills at well-known places like restaurant Da Vinci in Maasbracht, gaining extensive experience in various culinary settings.

My focus is on flavour and quality. We use local and regional seasonal ingredients as our foundation. We seek a blend of culinary excellence and a relaxed ambiance. It's all about authenticity, joy, and passion, with a commitment to continuous improvement. I draw inspiration from my travels, art, and the beauty of nature

Joey Remie


Roermond, Netherlands
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Explore Restaurant Rura in Roermond: A Culinary Journey with a Historical Twist. Tucked away in the heart of Roermond, between the charming Roerkade and bustling Markt, is Restaurant Rura. This culinary treasure, housed within a 17th-century building, pays homage to the city's rich history and the Celtic/Germanic water goddess Rura.

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Joey's culinary journey

Joey's culinary journey took him through the kitchens of accomplished mentors, including Toine Hermsen, Beluga, and Kasteel Vaalsbroek. It was during this time that he met his partner and exceptional sommelier, Naomi. Joey's classical French training forms the base of his diverse culinary style, combining global flavours with the finest ingredients from Limburg. In 2018, when chef Robert Levels departed, Joey assumed the role of executive chef at Vaalsbroek. He and Naomi started a new chapter in 2021, launching restaurant Rura. Joey's passion for cooking shines through in every dish he creates, drawing inspiration from his diverse experiences and global influences. Naomi's Indonesian heritage adds a unique dimension to their culinary creations.

Joey and Naomi a shared vision

Joey and Naomi have a shared vision of enhancing Roermond's growing culinary scene. Situated in the city centre, restaurant Rura offers a cosy and inviting atmosphere within a carefully preserved 17th-century building. The blend of historical charm and modern elements provides a delightful and constantly surprising dining experience.

Flavours and traditions at Rura

Discover the diverse flavours and traditions at Rura, where chef Joey Remie's culinary skill and commitment to excellence combine to craft a memorable dining experience. Immerse yourself in the tastes and history of Roermond at this culinary harbour.