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Mathijs Jacobs

Chef Mathijs Jacobs is extremely ambitious. His eyes light up if a local hunter brings him a deer or a farmer brings him freshly harvested vegetables. At a young age, he already knew he wanted what he wanted to become. Mathijs inherited a passion for cooking from his mother. He studied at the hotel management school, where he got to intern with chef Nico Boreas at Castle Erenstein. Chef Boreas taught him that in addition to hard work and discipline, you should always enjoy yourself. Next, at restaurant Onder De Boompjes, guided by top chef René Brienen, Mathijs got to work as chef de partie. After this, he joined Hof van Deurne, where he became the sous-chef to master chef Cees van Boerdonk. Mathijs was taught a solid basis in classic French cuisine by this teacher, who masters it like no other. Finally, at restaurant Valuas, Matthijs learned from chef Eric Swaghoven you can only obtain a Michelin star by maintaining structure and discipline. In 2013, chef Matthijs Jacobs was ready for his own establishment and opened Restaurant De Beejekurf in Venray. A year later, his wife Hanneke Verstappen joined the restaurant as the hostess, perfectly complementing the team.

De Beejekurf

Venray, Netherlands
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

For chef Mathijs Jacobs and hostess Hanneke Verstappen, the name 'De Beejekurf' has a special meaning. At restaurant De Beejekurf, you can experience a real Dutch tradition and craftsmanship. The homely atmosphere and warm colours welcome you as soon as you enter the door. Chef Mathijs Jacobs is known for his modern style of cooking with a nostalgic twist. The highest priority is to buy local products and support local artisans. The flavours he has experienced in the past influence his culinary creativity today.

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