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destination • November 2nd, 2021

What to see & do in Limburg, the Netherlands


The province of Limburg is situated in the southern part of the country, between Germany and Belgium. This area is characterized by its landscape, which is distinctively different from the rest of the Netherlands: the region’s green rolling hills, flowering orchards, and valley roads stand in sharp contrast to the flat landscape of the rest of Holland. Essentially, Limburgian cuisine is Burgundian cuisine, meaning quality ingredients should be used and excellent preparation can be expected. Local specialties include seasonal white asparagus, Limburger cheese, and of course the famous Limburgian fries combined with creamy mayonnaise. Those with a sweet tooth do not want to miss out on the ‘Limburgse vlaai’: a pie with various types of filling, such as cherry or apple with custard.



Limburgse vlaai

Interesting sights

Interesting sights in Limburg include the medieval Saint Servatius church and contemporary art museum Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht. Other sights in Maastricht include the Vrijthof square, the old city gates and the Saint Servaas bridge. Last but not least: the Maastricht Underground, an 80-kilometer-long cave system through which you can take guided tours.  

Nature lovers have plenty of opportunities to go hiking or cycling in one of the countless parks and forest areas, like De Meinweg National Park. Other nearby cities that are worth exploring include Aachen in Germany and the historic town of Liège in Belgium.

Popular attractions

In Limburg you will find a three-country point, where the borders of The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium come together. The city of Valkenburg is a very popular tourist destination, with many bars and restaurants and the historic Valkenburg castle.  

Other attractions in Limburg include Snow World, the Gaia Zoo, and theme park Toverland. It also has many beautiful parks, like National Park De Meinweg, Grenspark Kempen-Broek, ‘Rivierpark Maasvallei’, and ‘Het Leudal’, with plenty of opportunities to go hiking or cycling.

Limburgian cuisine

The typical cuisine from Limburg is ‘Zuurvlees’ or ‘Zoervleisj’: a beef stew with meat that has been marinated in vinegar and cooked with sweet syrup and gingerbread. This dish is traditionally served with fries, mayonnaise and applesauce.   

Next to this, Limburg is also known for its white asparagus, ‘Limburgse vlaai’ a pastry with different fillings, Limburgian apple syrup, and the production of excellent Dutch Wines. Click here if you want to learn more about Dutch cuisine or Dutch food culture.

JRE chefs in Limburg

Mathijs Jacobs of restaurant De Beejekurf in Venray. Chef Mathijs' cooking style is modern with a nostalgic twist, which is evident in his creative regional dishes.   

Jan Marrees of restaurant Marrees in Weert. Using Mediterranean influences and international ingredients, Jan's recipes have an elegant style. In each of his dishes, you will find a unique combination of flavours and experiences.   

Edwin Soumang of restaurant One in Roermond. In addition to Edwin's international cooking experience, his 1000 m2 vegetable garden and the ever-changing seasons are his major sources of inspiration.   

Ward Kusters of restaurant Hunker in Sittard. Ward is the type of chef who keeps developing his cuisine. As a true artist, he draws inspiration from the seasons to create savory, appealing, and mouth-watering dishes.   

Jeroen Raes of restaurant Rozemarijn in Maastricht. Jeroen’s origins are rooted in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Therefore, his cooking style is traditional with a hint from Zeeland.   

Ralph Hermans of restaurant Rantrée in Maastricht. With a modern twist on classic cooking, Ralph's style is worldly, yet classic. You'll be pleasantly surprised to taste the great flavours of the region's special ingredients, combined with the influences of Asian cuisine.   

Hans Kinkartz of restaurant Atelier in Gulpen. A passionate and young group of chefs work together with Hans, to create cutting-edge dishes where recognizability in taste and ingredients are important, next to excellent service. 

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