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Sven Nijenhuis

Sven Nijenhuis: tradition and innovation

In the world of fine dining, there are chefs who craft meals, and then there are chefs who create extraordinary culinary experiences. Sven Nijenhuis, the talented chef and owner of Ambrozijn, unquestionably belongs to the latter category. With a rich culinary heritage spanning generations, an unwavering dedication to quality, and a touch of contemporary ingenuity, Sven has unmistakably carved a distinctive niche for himself in the world of gastronomy.

"My goal is to make Ambrozijn a success. My passion for cooking comes from my father. I'm just being myself. In the past, it was often about 'Sven, Otto's son,' but now it's more about 'Otto, Sven's father.' The name does have significance. Expectations were placed on me in the past, but I was also ‘just a cook’ who had to learn everything."

Sven Nijenhuis

Restaurant Ambrozijn

Valkenburg aan de Geul, Netherlands
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Welcome to Restaurant Ambrozijn, located in the historic Reformed and Protestant Irene Church from 1891, situated on the Cauberg in Valkenburg. Discover this unique location where chef Sven Nijenhuis and hostess Joëlle Nijenhuis-Boessen have created a gastronomic paradise.

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A legacy of culinary distinction

Sven Nijenhuis's culinary proficiency is not merely a personal choice; it's a destiny ingrained in his family's history. His father, Otto, distinguished chef and master of the culinary arts and today executive chef at Château St. Gerlach near Valkenburg. The love for gastronomy is a familial tradition spanning generations, with Sven's grandfather also sharing this profound passion. Sven's journey started in his father's kitchen, where his innate talent was evident from an early age. "As a child, you often declare: 'I want to do what my father does'," recalls Sven. "I started my culinary education under my father's tutelage, but he insisted on broadening my horizon. Consequently, I spent my initial two years of training at De Leuf. Later, I furthered my culinary education at Da Vinci. I also had the privilege of working in prestigious establishments like Parkheuvel and Ivy in Rotterdam, as well as in Limburg at Beluga and Damianz. My culinary route also took me cross borders to Belgium, where I perfected my skills for a year and a half at La Source in Lanaken.”

Ambrozijn: the fusion of tradition and innovation

Sven's culinary journey reaches its peak at his restaurant, Ambrozijn. Here, he skilfully combines classic French cooking methods with modern innovations. His approach is simple yet powerful: he starts with the best, freshest ingredients and lets the seasons guide the menu. "I create delicious dishes", explains Sven, "where the main ingredient takes the spotlight. Presentation matters, but the real focus is on flavour. Our restaurant offers a transparent dining experience. What you see is exactly what you get. Downstairs, we have an intimate chef's table with eighteen seats, and the bar surrounds our open kitchen. Our deliberate choice of an open kitchen concept allows guests to see every step of the dish's preparation, creating a strong connection between the kitchen, the service team, and our valued guests."

Sven's culinary philosophy

Sven's culinary philosophy shows his dedication to excellence and creativity. He emphasizes the significance of enhancing main dishes with carefully crafted sauces and vinaigrettes. The skilful preparation of meats and fish forms the foundation of his culinary creations, and he boldly experiments with a variety of flavour profiles, sometimes incorporating exciting Asian influences into his dishes. While Sven and his team at Ambrozijn have dreams of earning prestigious accolades like a Michelin star, they stay focused on their true drive. They take pride in being part of the respected Jeunes Restaurateurs network and have received recognition from well-regarded guides like Gault & Millau. Their achievement of the Entree Award is a testament to their dedication and success. Sven Nijenhuis is a chef whose culinary journey combines tradition, innovation, and a deep love for cooking. At Ambrozijn, he invites diners to join him on an exceptional culinary adventure that goes beyond the usual. Every dish is a work of love, showcasing his culinary heritage and his commitment to exploring the world of fine food. Dining at Ambrozijn is not just a meal; it's a joyful celebration of the diverse flavours that Sven cleverly brings to each plate.