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Mark Captein

Already at a young age, chef Mark Captein works in his parents' cheese shop. As a teenager, he soon starts dreaming of running his own restaurant. During secondary school, he works as a dishwasher at restaurant 't Stille Water. It is here he is first introduced to classical cuisine. He decides to further his knowledge, so he attends a culinary school. He gains more experience working in several brasseries. But Mark wants to get higher up. He gets a taste of the classical Indian cuisine at restaurant Tante Kee as chef de partie under top chef Raymond Reeb. Afterward, he departs for Bonaire, where he joins Rick Van den Broek's Restaurant At Sea team. In 2016, he returns to Tante Kee, but he soon finds himself seduced by the chance to work overseas again, thanks to the internship of his partner Marjolein. On Curaçao, he acquires the position of pastry chef. When Mark and Marjolein return to the Netherlands, Mark continues his career at restaurant De Nederlanden. In 2018, he joins Van den Broek at Orangerie De Pol, where he becomes sous-chef in May 2018. This same year, chef Mark Captein's teenage dream finally comes true. Together with his partner, hostess and sommelier Marjolein van der Ham, he is now the proud owner of Orangerie De Pol since 1 December 2018.

Orangerie De Pol

Doetinchem, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

In the Achterhoek region, on the outskirts of the city of Doetinchem, lies restaurant Orangerie De Pol. The beautiful dining spot is situated right in the middle of a forest. What’s even more unique is that the restaurant is located inside a glass greenhouse, with views of a beautiful garden with fruit trees.

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