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news • September 21st, 2022

JRE Jam-Session Grupo La Rioja Alta S.A.


Partner Grupo La Rioja Alta SA brought International Chefs from different countries together in Laguardia, Álava for a visit to the estate, vineyards, the harvest and a special Jam Session!

Sunday September 18th.  2022
15 International Chefs and Sommeliers arrived to Páganos en Álava, Chef Juan Carlos Ferrando welcomed all chefs and sommeliers in his restaurant Juan Carlos Ferrando in Logroño and prepared dinner with matching wines from Gupo La Rioja Alta SA.

Monday morning, September 19th.  2022
All chefs and sommeliers visited the vineyards from Torre de Oña. After the tour the Chefs started jamming and the sommeliers started a wine tasting.

We are delighted to be working with La Rioja Alta, S.A. to bring its wines to the tables of the best restaurants in Europe

Daniel Lehmann

President of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Indeed, the key to La Rioja Alta, S.A.'s success is its origin, its heritage and its quality.  All specific characteristics that we at JRE cherish and encourage. For Sommeliers, La Rioja Alta, S.A. with its great focus on gastronomy, and thanks to its specific characteristics, its flavour and its versatility, makes it the perfect companion for fine dining

La Rioja Alta, S.A.


The idea of Jam Sessions is both simple and innovative. 8 International JRE Chefs gathered in in the vineyards of Torre de Oña to cook without electricity. Ofyr created an outdoor kitchen with their beautiful wood-fired BBQs. Chefs were expected to cook with products, ingredients and condiments from the “mystery box". Olive oil from Aceite de Oliva Priego Cordoba, regional beans from Alubia De Anguiano, seabass from Aquanaria, saffron from Azafrán de la Mancha, Artichokes from Caprichos del Paladar, meat from Consejo Regulador carnes de Avila, micro leaves from Koppert Cress, black garlic from JRE Suárez together with Spain is Excellence, flour from Molinos del Duero, mushrooms from Herchamp, biological vegetables from La huerta de Rizos, chocolate from Original Beans, fruit from Peras del Rincón de Soto and spring water from Vichy Catalan-PMG. All signature dishes were presented on designer plates by ceramicis Tono Naharro.

The Chefs got down to work; no recipe, no predetermined objectives and/or results required. While jamming there was interaction, questioning, debate, dialogue, experimentation and ultimately; surprising results. Not only all products were discussed, but also combinations, applications, techniques and, last but not least, the wine / food pairing. The cooking was pure invention, sharing knowledge and skills were brought together in "à la minute" results.


AMUSED  -  The Netherlands
Chiel de Groot & Corine Vink

AZAFRAN  -  Spain
Teresa Gutiérrez & Manuel Ortiz

BASILIEK  -  The Netherlands
Rik Jansma

BK  -  France
Annett Teich & Bernd Teich

Juan Carlos Ferrando & Zuriñe Ortiz

PALIO  -  Spain
Jesus Monedero & Isaac Monedero

RAJH  -  Slovenia
Leon Pintarič

RIZIBIZI  -  Slovenia
Tomaž Bevčič & Patrizia Bevčič

SHIULI  -  United  Kingdom
Rhys Keeling