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Aurélien Michel

As a young boy, chef Aurélien Michel already had a passion for French cuisine. While still in high school, he started working at culinary events at the age of 15. And it didn’t take long until he fell in love with food catering. Chef Aurélien worked in different gastronomic restaurants in Corsica. Inspired by renowned chefs such as Olivier Nasti and Alexandre Couillon, he became even more passionate about cooking. Eventually, after years of experience, it was time for the next step: his very own gourmet restaurant. In 2015, Aurélien opened the doors of his fine-dining establishment. In honour of his dad, who passed away too early, he lovingly named it A la Chaume de mon Père.


Le Syndicat, France
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Experience the culinary marvels of Popa, a renowned restaurant founded and managed by passionate brothers, Aurélien and Benjamin Michel, nestled amid the majestic Vosges Mountains near Gérardmer. Our commitment to honest and authentic gastronomy, combined with our breathtaking surroundings, has earned us a place among the finest dining establishments in the region.

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