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Carles Ramon

After his culinary education, chef Carles Ramon started his career as head chef at restaurant FiroTast. Next, he moved to London to work as head of the cuisine at Tapas Brindisa Soho restaurant. After several years in London, he started another project with the Brindisa Group, this time in Barcelona. La Bellvitja, a restaurant located in an old church in the Raval neighbourhood, was strongly inspired by the Catalan medieval period.  After that experience, he worked as a chef at GATBLAU restaurant and later moved to A Coruña where he worked at the Arallo Tavern of the Amicalia group. He now works in the kitchen at restaurant Besta, conjuring up exquisite regional cuisine with a twist.


Barcelona, Spain
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

At restaurant Besta you will find a gastronomic crossover between Catalonia and Galicia. Here, Manuel Núñez, a Galician chef based in Barcelona and co-owner of restaurant Arume, teamed up with his partner Rocío Rodríguez and Catalan chef Carles Ramon to create a gastronomic proposal that appeals to the value of their origins. At the core of their culinary ideology you will find the quality of the product, sustainability, diversity of influences, and lots of expertise from many years of travelling the world. The result is a unique dining concept that draws food lovers from near and far.

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