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Mario Tofe

In the vibrant culinary scene of Madrid, a rising star has captured the spotlight - Mario Tofe. Born in 1997, Mario, in partnership with his brother Sergio, constitutes an exceptional culinary duo at Restaurant Eter. Together, they have revolutionized the dining experience, prioritizing expertise, and harmony over individual recognition. Join us as we delve into the culinary realm of Mario Tofe and discover the enchantment, he imparts to the patrons of Madrid's esteemed Eter restaurant.


Madrid, Spain

Welcome to Eter, an extraordinary restaurant in Madrid that's changing the game with its sustainable, rebellious, and Nordic-inspired culinary experience. With only six tables, Eter's commitment to supporting local producers and the environment sets it apart. Experience the gastronomic delights of Eter and explore why it has earned accolades from prestigious culinary societies.

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A rising star of the kitchen

Mario Tofe's love for food and hospitality was kindled during his upbringing in Madrid. With a profound respect for Spanish culinary heritage and regional tastes, Mario has dedicated himself to mastering the culinary arts, propelling him into the selection of emerging culinary talents.

Seamless kitchen and service tandem

The success of Restaurant Eter lies in the exceptional teamwork of Mario and Sergio Tofe. The brothers have mastered the art of blending kitchen and service, curating a cohesive dining experience that leaves a lasting impact on guests. By prioritizing guest satisfaction over individual recognition, Mario and Sergio create an atmosphere where every aspect of the dining experience harmonizes seamlessly.

Emphasis on memorable experience

Mario Tofe's culinary approach centres on the belief that dining excellence includes the entire experience. At Eter, Mario doesn't simply create tasty dishes; he also strives to provide a cohesive and unforgettable dining experience. His keen focus on precision and dedication to crafting seamless culinary adventures have earned accolades from patrons and reviewers alike.

Innovative flavours rooted in tradition

Discover Mario Tofe's culinary artistry as he skilfully blends innovation with traditional Spanish recipes. His creations offer a unique twist on classic dishes, delighting the senses of diners. Emphasizing sustainability, Mario sources local fresh ingredients, reflecting his commitment to both culinary excellence and environmental responsibility.

A bright future in gastronomy

With his youthful energy and dedication to culinary excellence, Mario Tofe is undoubtedly a rising star in the culinary world. As he continues to push the boundaries of culinary artistry, his emphasis on experience and coherence will undoubtedly shape the future of dining not only at Eter but also in Madrid's culinary scene.