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Sergio Tofe

In the heart of Madrid, two young brothers, Sergio Tofe (1991) and Mario Tofe (1997), have revolutionized the dining experience at Restaurant Eter. Together, they have created a well-coordinated culinary team that seamlessly combines kitchen and service, focusing on experience and coherence. Join us as we explore Sergio Tofe's journey and his innovative contributions to the Madrid food scene.


Madrid, Spain
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Welcome to Eter, an extraordinary restaurant in Madrid that's changing the game with its sustainable, rebellious, and Nordic-inspired culinary experience. With only six tables, Eter's commitment to supporting local producers and the environment sets it apart. Experience the gastronomic delights of Eter and explore why it has earned accolades from prestigious culinary societies.

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A dynamic culinary tandem

Discover how Sergio and Mario's seamless collaboration has elevated the dining experience at Restaurant Eter. As a culinary tandem, they prioritize teamwork, leaving egos behind, and putting the guest experience at the forefront. Their harmonious approach creates a memorable and cohesive dining adventure that is unlike any other.

Spotlight on experience and coherence

Learn why Sergio and Mario emphasize experience and coherence in their culinary philosophy. At Restaurant Eter, the focus is on delivering a holistic dining experience, where every aspect of the meal aligns seamlessly. Delve into their unique perspective on blending flavours, techniques, and service to create a memorable and coherent dining journey.

Innovation meets tradition

Explore Sergio and Mario's culinary artistry, which blends innovation and tradition in perfect harmony. Their inspired dishes infuse classic recipes with creative twists, while staying true to their Spanish roots. See how they prioritize sustainability by using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, reflecting their commitment to both the environment and regional producers.

Awards and recognition

Sergio and Mario earned many accolades and recognition through their dedication to excellence. From prestigious culinary awards to glowing reviews from critics and diners alike, their work at Restaurant Eter has made a significant impact on Madrid's gastronomic landscape.