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Didier Bourdeaux

Born in a baker's family, chef Didier Bordeaux has been a food enthusiast from an early age. Before opening Maison D., he gained experience at multi-Michelin-starred restaurants such as De Karmeliet (Brugge) and Le Château du Mylord (Elzele). Fermentation and molecular gastronomy aren’t this chef’s cup of tea. Instead, he’s all about classical cuisine: real food, real flavours, and perfect plating. With an occasional wink to international influences.

Maison D.

Ronse - Renaix, Belgium
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In 2012, top chef Didier Bourdeaux opened his very own restaurant in the Belgian city of Ronse (Renaix): Maison D. Together with host Delfine, his spouse, he spoils diners with uncomplicated cuisine in his sober, serene and modern mansion. With a focus on well-balanced flavours and a great eye for presentation, chef Didier prepares re-invented classics with a twist. Although Maison D.’s cuisine and service are high-end, the chef’s philosophy has been and still remains: offering affordable gastronomy. This results in a price-quality that’s simply unprecedented in the region.

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