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Franky & Michael Vanderhaeghe

In restaurant Saint-Nicholas’ kitchen, two talented top chefs work their magic. Chef Michael Vanderhaeghe learned his cooking skills in renowned restaurants such as De Karmeliet (Brugge), In De Wulf (Dranouter), Michel Bras (Laguiole) en Alain Ducasse (Monaco). Michael was the first Belgian chef to win the prestigious contest ‘Jeune Talent Disciples Escoffier’ and was named “Fish Chef of the Year” in 2016. His father, chef Franky Vanderhaeghe, is a true culinary veteran and was named one of ‘33 Masterchefs of Belgium’.

Saint Nicolas

Elverdinge-Ieper, Belgium
MdH Membre d'Honneur

Saint-Nicolas restaurant was once a doctor's villa but is now the culinary playground of chef Franky Vanderhaeghe and his son Michael. For over 25 years, it is this Michelin-starred restaurant where the culinary couple showcases their gastronomic creations. The chefs’ dishes are classic yet creative, and look like they’re painted onto the plate. The same goes for the restaurant itself, which is located inside Hotel Nicolas and peacefully surrounded by a serene garden, a modern terrace, and beautiful willows. The perfect backdrop for your Belgian fine-dining experience.

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