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Jo Grootaers

At the age of 19, Jo Grootaers knew exactly what he wanted to become: a top chef. So the talented cook took matters into his own hands. Instead of waiting for an elite chef to take him under his wings and teach him the finesse of gastronomy, he developed a creative yet technical cooking style that has beautifully matured over the years. Following his intuition, chef Jo Grootaers makes extremely tasty out-of-the-box dishes with clear flavours. His cooking style is characterized by his personality and boyish bravado. Jo serves much more than stunning culinary creations: he knows how to move people. As a result, his gastronomy is an experience you won’t easily forget.


Tongeren, Belgium
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

This gourmet restaurant proves that fine-dining definitely can be fun. Beautifully located in the historic city heart of Tongeren, Belgium, Alter shows how top gastronomy in an informal atmosphere is done. In the kitchen, the young and talented chef Jo Grootaers prepares the most innovative dishes. Here, you can enjoy his creative and technically excellent cooking skills in a modern ambiance. Housed in the former municipal school of Riksingen, the dining room exudes contemporary elegance, just like chef Jo’s menu. The bold, black walls and floors give the restaurant a visually striking yet inviting feel. And if the summer weather allows for it, you can wine and dine on the sunny terrace – comfortably nestled between lush, green surroundings.

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