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“Respect for nature is one of our main, ongoing concerns.”


The winning Chef lives in harmony with the environment and takes great pride in that. Committed to serving fresh, sustainably produced, and ethically sourced ingredients, this Chef goes all the way to find the best local and seasonal produce. We honour the Chef as well as Swan Hellenic for their dedication to sustainable development and raising awareness of how our choices impact the world around us.

The winner: Stefano Pinciaroli

Renato Bodi from Swan Hellenic had the honour to hand out the Sustainability Award 2024 to Stefano Pinciaroli, Restaurant PS, Italy.

Awards 2024

JRE is all about the pursuit of perfection ­– our talented Chefs and Sommeliers go the extra mile every day to ensure the best guest experience, so it’s only right that their achievements are recognised and rewarded. That’s why, every second year, JRE presents six awards to those skilled men and women who have excelled in the following areas: Talent of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Sustainability, Innovation, Sommelier and Taste of Origin. On special occasions, we also present the Never-ending Passion Award to an exceptional chef who exceeds our expectations in more ways.