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Event • October 2nd, 2024

CHEFS ROULETTE - 08.10.23 - JRE-Austria

Austria's most original gourmet event with guest chefs from Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia. More than 30 top chefs will be cooking up a storm, not in their own homes, but in the restaurants of their colleagues. Who stands where at the stove remains top secret until the first courses.

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Already a classic: on Wednesday, October 2, more than 30 JRE restaurants will once again swap their stoves. Who cooks where remains an exciting secret for the guests until the 2nd course of the 5-course dinner.

Price per person € 165 incl. aperitif, wine accompaniment, Römerquelle mineral water, coffee.

The charity concept is also implemented with great success: In December 2023, an impressive € 30630 was donated to Licht ins Dunkel/Ö3 Weihnachtswunder.