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Grieskirchen, Österreich
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Clemens arbeitet zusammen mit seiner Mutter Elisabeth. Regionale Küche entsteht durch direkten Partnerschaftskontakt mit zahlreichen Lieferanten und Produzenten in der Umgebung. À la carte mit Klassikern der Gasthausküche und dem mehrgängigen Abendmenü "Hoamatgaung".

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The Mentorship with Andreas Döllerer

From a young age, Clemens nurtured a passion for food and cooking. He found joy in experimenting with flavours, exploring diverse cuisines, and mastering the art of culinary techniques. Determined to turn his passion into a profession, he sought guidance from the best in the industry. Under the mentorship of Andreas Döllerer, a renowned figure in the world of culinary excellence, Clemens underwent an apprenticeship that would forever mold his culinary skills. Döllerer, celebrated for his dedication to regional cuisine and his inventive reinterpretation of traditional recipes, became not only Clemens' mentor but also a source of inspiration and valuable guidance.

The culinary vision

Throughout his apprenticeship, Clemens absorbed all the knowledge that Döllerer shared. From mastering the delicate balance of flavours to recognizing the significance of sourcing the highest quality ingredients, Clemens' commitment and passion shone through in every culinary creation he crafted. After completing his apprenticeship, Clemens returned to his family's business with a fresh perspective for the kitchen. Equipped with the skills and insights gained during his time with Döllerer, he assumed control of the culinary operations, injecting the restaurant with creativity and a steadfast dedication to excellence.

A fusion of tradition and innovation defines Clemens Grabmer's culinary journey.

Today, he leads the family business, serving as a testament to the influence of dedication, passion, and mentorship. His culinary creations represent a harmonious blend of longstanding traditions and innovative creativity, paying homage to the region's gastronomic heritage while embracing new culinary horizons.

Backing local producers

Alongside his culinary skills, Clemens remains firmly dedicated to backing local producers and suppliers. He fully grasps the importance of nurturing direct partnerships with these vital contributors to the culinary landscape, ensuring that the restaurant's menu highlights the very best of the region's flavours.