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Matthias Pietsch

Matthias Pietsch, born in Tübingen 1986, is a seasoned chef with an impressive culinary journey. After honing his skills at Restaurant Museum in Tübingen, he ventured to Landgasthof Adler in Rammingen, where he climbed the ranks from Commi de Cuisine to Souschef, earning a Michelin star. Matthias then embarked on international experiences at renowned establishments like Restaurant Matsalen** in Stockholm and Restaurant Mugaritz** in Errenteria. His culinary prowess continued to shine at Restaurant Vendôme*** in Bensberg-Bergisch Gladbach, where he served as Demichef de partie and Chef de Partie. His dedication and quest for excellence led him to prestigious kitchens such as Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen and Restaurant La Vision** in Cologne. From 2013 to 2016, he held the position of Deputy Head Chef at Hotel Restaurant Lago* in Ulm. Since 2016, Matthias has been the Head Chef and F&B Director, also serving on the management team at Restaurant Redüttchen and La Redoute, where his extensive culinary journey enriches the dining experience.


Bonn, Deutschland
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Nestled in the heart of Bad Godesberg, Restaurant Redüttchen is a culinary gem that proudly wears the prestigious JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs) badge of excellence. This fine dining establishment is renowned for its commitment to gastronomic innovation, offering a symphony of flavors crafted from the finest locally-sourced ingredients. With a charming and intimate ambiance, Redüttchen invites diners on a journey of culinary discovery, where each dish is a testament to precision, creativity, and a deep respect for tradition. Whether it's a special occasion or an evening of indulgence, Restaurant Redüttchen promises an unforgettable gourmet experience in the heart of Bad Godesberg.

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