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Filip Breznik

Cuisine in the House Raduha is only a sequel and an homage to the stories of three wonderful cooks – of the mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. The legacy of their ancestors is now being carried forward by son Filip and daughter Kristina. Through well-made dishes and the whole experience, we try in our own way to convey nature and all its nuances to our guests, with a little spice of course. When searching for new flavours, we always try to combine the environment, innovation, and tradition.

Hiša Raduha

Luče, Slovenia
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Raduha House has been standing on the same site since 1875 when it first opened its doors to guests. Today, the Breznik family have taken up residence and has maintained its traditional charm while introducing some more modern influences. At Hiša Raduha, gastronomy, architecture, nature and tradition collide harmoniously which allows guests to experience true sustainable and cultural tourism while respecting the past and building the future.

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