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Jörg Trafojer

Passion and dedication are the goals of chef Jörg Trafoie's culinary mission. Qualitative excellence, authenticity, professionalism and innovation are the coordinates upon which Jörg bases his gastronomic philosophy.  In Jörg Trafoier's recipes, the unmistakable scents of the valley are captured and combined with memories of distant lands, to create culinary masterpieces. As a chef, he creates a cuisine that is unexpected and linked to tradition, but also extends beyond the mountains.


Castelbello (BZ), Italy
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Restaurant Kuppelrain in Castelbello, Italy, is the culinary playground of owner and chef Jörg Trafojer. Here, the chef cooks up his modern terroir-based dishes with an innovative twist. His refined and elegant gourmet cuisine hasn’t gone unnoticed: in 2001 the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star, which has been renewed by the Michelin Guide since. Next to its critically-acclaimed kitchen, this fine-dining destination also offers an extensive wine list, selected by in-house sommelier Sonya, the chef’s spouse. You can wine and dine in the restaurant’s art nouveau-style dining room or on the garden terrace with a view, if the weather allows it.

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